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Too close to home? Will it be confidential do you reckon

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tazmo Wed 21-Aug-13 14:10:46

Had reorganisation at work due to job losses etc. I have 3 line managees now but am reporting to someone who is very nice but am upset as I got told I would report directly into head of dept but now looks like I am not. I am keen for progression but they got rid of associate director level and my new boss is director level. I said to the head of dept that I wanted to know what needed to be done to get to next level and that i wanted to have an open conversation about it. But tbh she's not great at that kind of thing and they think goals and objectives are a bit of a joke whereas I don't. She seemed a bit flabbergasted but I've been approached by former head of dept (who left rather suddenly last year) if I'm interested in associate director role. Told him I would be but I know him and my dept head still keep in touch. On the back of this, I had a headhunter ask specifically if I was interested as he'd had a number of recommendations on my abilities so I think my old boss told him to get in touch.

I've said I'm interested but am worried this will leak as my current head of dept is big on loyalty. As I say, my old boss and current boss are friends. Do you think they'll discuss it? I am feeling increasingly unhappy where I am and feel dumped upon and not getting much variety. Plus my new boss us getting all the initiatives I used to get so I'm hacked off about that (I got a 4 in my appraisal so I was doing a good job on that I believe - except got superseded when on maternity leave).

TempName365 Wed 21-Aug-13 19:56:54

No, I think it will be kept confidential.

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