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Exit interview......what to say?? (may be long - sorry)

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mammasmadhouse Mon 19-Aug-13 15:07:55

OK have been in current post for just 4 months, but am leaving next week, a number of things have prompted my departure but I don't know just how honest to be at the exit interview which is with the DM as the department manager moved on at the start of the year.
So briefly I started in post v keen etc etc, and really thought that this post would see me to retirement,however it became apparent that I wasn't the first choice candidate as someone within the dept had been given the nod to apply. Former manager interviewed with next in command and through out the suggestion that was put forward for this particular person. Didn't go down well with DM as you can imagine as he had primed this person for interview. How do I know this - in my first few days/weeks DM kept making reference to the other person doing x,y& z of my role, initially I thought that perhaps it was a cross over thing etc, but eventually I asked him if he was trying to create a role for this person to which the answer was yes. He then went onto to explain how there was a need for more admin in the dept etc, but as far as I could see if there was a need there should be sufficient tasks to do without reducing my role. I did think about changing my name at one point because it always felt that this other person was always in the loop.But if I queried this was told that when the new boss starts there would be too much for me to do (despite the previous person managing fine!!) Then I was asked to put together a JD to pay this person for a made up job - to reward them for covering my role and another for 6 weeks, did as I was asked could understand the logic as the politics of the organisation etc. However when the jd was approved he decided it would be for 6 mths, (backdated not going forward)when I asked if that was correct etc as I understood it was for the interim period, and how could we justify paying someone for a job they hadn't done at a push we could agree to 6 weeks but not 6 months! I was balled out my the DM who asked who I was to question his authority etc, and spent the day V. upset. He did send an apology email to my home email address, but it seems that this is not the first time this has happened and one of the Senior team have suggested I speak to someone about it.Anyway after explaining that he actually told my that it was for 6 weeks etc, and that as this was public money it could be seen unfavourably he did change the term to 2 months but has continued to pursue the idea of giving x y& z of my role to this other person. So as you can gather I have not felt at all welcome or been able to settle but I have more than done my job and the general feedback about my work has been fab so I have mixed feelings about going but don't feel that I have any alternative. Where do I stand and how much/little can I say. I have been posted out an exit questionnaire by HR which I can return direct confidentially (that's the theory anyway) but is it all worth the hassle???
Apologies for the essay have tried to be brief!
Any advice appreciated xxx

GemmaTeller Mon 19-Aug-13 15:19:32

My last exit interview read:

'I have related, on several occasions, to my department head, a list of grievances and issues I have encountered in my present position. None of these grievances and issues have been dealt with and this leaves me no alternative but to resign from my current position'.

I had six months of stress and crap from my (new) immediate manager and in the end thought sod it.

I took great satisfaction in giving her my resignation letter and refusing to discuss the matter with her and gave my exit interview straight to HR.

EeTraceyluv Mon 19-Aug-13 15:22:54

One job I left - where I had been for 6 years and had been consistently crapped on, bullied and made to feel like shit, I cried all the way through my exit interview (not very professional I know but I was so upset) named names, told them what had been happening (serious CP issues) and ...nothing was done. A colleague was then forced out in the same way - flagged all of her issues, named names, and...nothing. Closed ranks doesn't even begin to cover it - and these were vulnerable teenager issues angry

EeTraceyluv Mon 19-Aug-13 15:23:30

So...I have little faith in 'exit interviews' unless you are going to talk about how wonderful it has all been...

fisharefriendsnotfoood Mon 19-Aug-13 15:29:23

Ask yourself will it help you and will you gain anything (other than a bit of satisfaction) from the exit interview.

I have had similar and was all ready to tell them exactly the issues and why, but and friend asked:
would I have gain anything
would 'cost' me emotionally to do this
did i think anything would change for the better if i did this

the answer was
yes a lot,

I left and never attended the exit interview. Your choice, but always do what is right for you.

flowery Mon 19-Aug-13 15:59:24

You can say whatever you like really. For some, it is a cathartic process, even if you think nothing will come of it, you are making your concerns known.

mrsdinklage Mon 19-Aug-13 16:10:09

My level of honesty would depend on who was providing me with a reference grin

EBearhug Mon 19-Aug-13 21:44:56

My last one, I gave them 3 sides of A4. It was gratifying to hear that some of the things had been changed since I left. I don't know if everything has.

(One of the things I commented on was a manager who would give people a bollocking in public, and not even when they'd done something wrong, but just because they happened to speak to him when he was in a bad mood about something else.)

mammasmadhouse Tue 20-Aug-13 19:13:06

Totally out of the blue the DM has asked me to stay, apologised for all the grief I have had & has agreed to more hours, totally thrown me.
This is my last week at work, have 2 more days at work. Not sure if he is covering his back as my role is p/t have previously said would do f/t but refused. New post is f/t and he had planned to advertise my role at f/t hrs. So guess it looks strange to say I am going for more hrs then advertise former role as f/t. Dh has said not too consider it based on past experience.

InTheRedCorner Tue 20-Aug-13 22:08:02

Do you have another job lined up? Could you forgive and accept the apology and new hours?

I suppose it depends on how you feel you have been treated and whether you have more work lined up.

Stevie77 Wed 21-Aug-13 09:54:59

If you are leaving for another role my advice would be to stick with the original plan. They have had plenty of opportunities to give you want you have asked for, to do it two days before you're due to finish screams to me that he will be using you to plug a gap but will soon drop you.

I'm with your husband.

mammasmadhouse Wed 21-Aug-13 13:11:52

Yes I have another job lined up and I have considered staying but have decided to go with my new job. Last week my boss said he wouldn't expect/ask me to say for more hours as I would be bored within a year, this week a change of tack. It was an unexpected change of tack and I think he had been subject to some pressure from colleagues in the dept, but overall since being in post I have never been sure of where I stand etc so this is it!
Thank you for taking the time to reply xx

Kernowgal Sun 25-Aug-13 18:39:15

At my last place we asked for exit interviews but were told that our boss "didn't see the point" hmm

The reality was that he knew we had a long list of examples of his incompetence and he didn't want to be found out.

VisualCharades Mon 26-Aug-13 00:24:27

At a previous place of work instead of sending me a blank exit interview template they sent me somebody 's completed one.
I would never have an exit interview. If something was crap I would have mentioned it previously and if it was so so bad I would whistle blow externally.

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