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How do I mention working from home?

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CajaDeLaMemoria Sun 18-Aug-13 19:28:31

I'm baffled as to how I find out if working from home is acceptable. Any tips?

To provide context, I work in an industry where home working is common. I worked from home for over five years before starting my new job just over a week ago. It's a brand new position in the organisation, so there is no expectations. My seniors regularly work from home or are out of the office.

I have a fully-decked out home office where I do a lot of my best work. It's been carefully refined over the years, and it's just perfect! I'd like to work from home in it occasionally, to let me get more done and do the more creative parts of my work.

We've got someone coming to fix a water pipe on Wednesday. I'll need to be home. Should I enquire at the end of an email to my manager? Ask in person? I'm really shy, so in person communications are hard!

InTheRedCorner Sun 18-Aug-13 21:38:08

I would book Wednesday as holiday and then work from home making sure you email your boss frequently during the day so when they eventually reply with "aren't you on holiday today?" You can say you are but have the ability to work from home and have only booked the day off due to waiting on a delivery at home.

Bluestocking Sun 18-Aug-13 21:45:09

I would just say to my boss "I'm going to be working at home on (whatever day) because I've got to wait in for a delivery, but you'll be able to reach me by email or on this phone number".

InTheRedCorner Sun 18-Aug-13 21:47:10

Have you only been there a week?

I wouldn't be telling my new employers that I s working from home due to a personal need after only being there a week unless working from home has been discussed as an option.

tribpot Sun 18-Aug-13 21:52:23

I would just say to my boss "I'm going to be working at home on (whatever day)

Oh god, please don't do this OP, unless you know for a fact homeworking is universally acceptable at your company - which you don't or you wouldn't be asking! Nothing pees me off more than having a staff member 'announce' they are going to work from home - er, no. I would never refuse to consider any reasonable request to work from home but unless it's in your contract it is a privilege and not a right.

In your case OP, I would say "bit of bad luck - water pipe needs fixing etc etc. I do apologise for having to take a day out of the office so soon but it's an emergency. Would it be okay to work from home, or would you prefer me to book leave?"

They will probably say WFH so make sure you are in constant contact with the office - I would probably call at least once and expect to see the employee on our internal communicator system as well.

Bluestocking Sun 18-Aug-13 21:56:15

Sorry, hadn't noticed you had only been there a week - agree with Tribpot's strategy! A week into a job is definitely too soon to assume you know homeworking is going to be acceptable. And if they say yes (and I'm sure they will) do make sure you bombard everyone who could possibly care with emails so they know you really are working and not shopping/gardening/whatever.

CajaDeLaMemoria Sun 18-Aug-13 22:00:00

Yes, they'd know I was actually working. We have communication systems and time trackers etc.

I could leave it and get holiday for Wednesday, but I was assured by the recruitment company that working from home would be fine. It was a specific negotiation. I've got some health issues that are much less likely to be an issue if I can rest a bit more and avoid an hour plus commute sometimes. I dint want to mention those again quite so soon, though.

Gah I'm torn. I've done a lot of out of hours stuff this week, so they should know that I'm a hard worker and wouldn't be skiving. I hope.

flowery Sun 18-Aug-13 22:06:01

Do what Tribpot says.

Nothing to be torn or angsty about. What's the worst that could happen?! Your boss might say no.

CajaDeLaMemoria Sun 18-Aug-13 22:13:52

Thanks everyone. I'll do what Tribpot suggested, and cross my fingers.

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