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To study HRM or International HRM for Masters? Anyone in HR got any advice?

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hereorthere71 Sat 17-Aug-13 20:43:21

I'm due to start a p/t Masters in HRM in September. I don't currently work in HR but have business/sales background.
I am struggling to decide whether to study the standard HRM or the International Course? I was thinking of International because so many companies are international these days and I currently work for a large international company ( although I don't know if I'd ever get an HR job with them). I feel that the International option would give me more options but at the same time that I will miss out on learning about UK law and UK situations - and it is the UK I will be working in whether or not for an international company.

Anyone in HR got any views on this? Will it really matter which one I study in terms of employment prospects?


chanie44 Sun 18-Aug-13 08:13:41

Ive got the normal uk masters, so I don't have any knowledge of international hr.

If I were you, I would start looking at jobs you are interested in and see what skills and qualifications you need.

I would assume that many of the big international companies have people strategies and policies specifically for each country, so international hrm would only be relevant at the highest level.

Whilst doing my masters, I found that people on my course struggled if they didn't have access to a hr department they could base their assignments on. Whatever course you do, I would recommend ensuring you have the links first.

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