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Am I being too honest?

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tazmo Fri 16-Aug-13 21:04:47

We all had consultations at work recently and 6 people went. My work load has dramatically increased, so have my responsibilities and I've been asked to lead a team. Some folk 4 in total out of 15 got 'promotions' out of it - I didn't and received the confirmation letter I kept my job but that salary and conditions remain the same. Job descriptions have been issued and line management is listed as a role I could undertake. I am feeling really dumped on as 4 staff from the big account I work on have been made redundant and they got rid of experienced people from this account and now I'm expected to train up some junior staff - 2 are absolutely useless. I feel I'm getting more and more work with little benefit and have requested a 1 to 1 with my manager and she's finally said we should,have a chat on mon about this and that. Our reporting lines are still not clear and some people have been fishing for information. I do know that nothing is set in stone as I expressed reservations due to the fact I'm not getting much variety at work and I do think my boss has an alternatives in the wings if I say no. Ur as you can imagine, my colleagues and I have and do talk about stuff and husband overheard me and said that I was being a bit of a motor mouth. Do you think I should shut up? I work from home full time unlike my colleagues so I feel the need to vent as I don't have an office to go to? Promotion in the future is important to me and this is what I want to talk to my manager about along with whether I could get a pay rise. I'm just worried I've been gossiping too much following what my husband said??

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Fri 16-Aug-13 23:20:57

I think it's best to be quiet at times like this.

EBearhug Mon 19-Aug-13 21:28:59

Did you have your 1-2-1, tazmo?

I have expressed reservations about having less variety in my job since a reorg, and frankly, it's made no difference. I'm currently approaching it from the angle of, what do I need to do to get a promotion, and what can I include in my development plan to fill gaps that would currently get me to that point, and what projects can I work on that will give me relevant experience? Think also about why you want a promotion, and how that will benefit your employer.

Don't focus on things like a payrise (that's not of such interest to the employer,) but more on how you are capable of doing something more challenging, and how that will make you more productive. I'm not saying pay isn't relevant, because clearly it is, but management tend not to dole out payrises just because you want one, but because it can be justified in the level of work being done.

Be very careful with gossip - it's natural to gossip in unsettled times, particularly if you're not getting much information about what's happening through official channels (i.e. management and/or HR.) But you have to remember that it is gossip, it may not all be based on reality, Chinese whispers may have caused misunderstandings and mishearings, people might have added in their own conclusions which could be false - and if you spread gossip, it really won't do your cause any good at any level. Nearly everyone does it, but you need to be subtle about it, so you don't get a reputation for being the one who gossips - be the one who people talk to and pass on knowledge to, not the one who spreads stories. It's a subtle but important different in how you're perceived, which could make a difference in whether you'd be likely to get promotion or not. However, if there is a lot of gossip going round, it could be worth mentioning that to management, as part of a suggestion that they could run an information session of some sort, to dispel false rumours.

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