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Manager bullying me

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Puffle71 Fri 16-Aug-13 18:04:28

I work in a very pressured office, my manager has times where she ignores me. This will be made clear as she will walk around the open plan office greeting other staff but ignore me. She never gives enough information to do a task so she can make me look stupid when the task is not right. What can I do it's making me hate work, I can't complain to HR as manager is super sweet to people in power !!!

bellasuewow Fri 16-Aug-13 23:41:49

I am so sorry you are having this problem there is nothing worse, if it is any comfort to you she is not unique in the roles people play when they bully others and she has probably singled you out because you are better than her and she is jealous of you at work. All in all she is pathetic and unfortunately not uncommon. Anyway what to do, you can stay and put up with it and go slowly mad and become depressed, you can start to wantonly stand up to her and make wave sin the office for your own enjoyment and devilment, you can go to her or hr and ask for an informal meeting to resolve the issues this will call her out and mark her card she will not want to lose face infront of those in power or if she is that worried you can speak to her and say you really want to resolve it between the two of you but if you are unable to then you will have no choice but to involve hr thereby putting pressure on her or you can resign and find a better job as most people do when faced with a situation like this there is an old saying people leave managers not organisations or jobs best of luck you are not alone and you deserve better she is a sad cow x

Puffle71 Sat 17-Aug-13 09:01:58

Thanks so much for reply and good advice it's draining but yes I will tackle her next week thanks

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