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DH's job has just finished, not been paid, going to sign on - advice sought

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grants1000 Wed 14-Aug-13 11:14:21

So DH's boss has just decided he's no longer going to pay or employ him, because the company is not making enough £ as he wants it too. So this leaves us in the shit we can't pay our bills. I am not working as trying to build up small business at home. His boss said he does not have the cash to pay him and even if it went to court he'd never get paid.


He's going to sign on later and I wanted to know what to expect eg: do they help with mortgage payments? How much is job seekers allowance? What else can they help with, besides another job for him/me.

This is the first time he's ever had to do this in 25 years of working.

LIZS Wed 14-Aug-13 11:58:59

If things have been so tight has his NI and paye been paid up to date ? JSA itself is not very much (£70 pw) and if you have savings above the limit it will require him to have paid enough NI. Does he have a P45 yet ? iirc mortgage relief only kicks in much later but you may be eligible for other benefits which they can advise. Also retraining and job seeking support.

Maybe your dh could claim unfair dismissal or earnings in lieu of notice/redundancy via Small Claims court so might be worth seeing CAB or making a free solicitor appointment. He may also be due a tax rebate in April should he not find employment soon .

wheredidiputit Wed 14-Aug-13 12:42:47

That's not for his ex boss to decide.

Your Dh needs to go to the CAB for advice.

gallicgirl Wed 14-Aug-13 12:45:10

Check out for info on pay in lieu of notice. Also acas will have advice.

grants1000 Wed 14-Aug-13 12:54:46

Thanks, all that takes time and money, and I need to sort the mortage, bills and put food on the table for now.

IDontDoIroning Wed 14-Aug-13 13:06:47

I don't think the boss can just decide not to pay him.
See cab or if he's in a union see them, check your insurance to see if your have legal cover.

I believe he may be able to issue some kind of legal demand for the wages and holiday pay etc he is owed.
I suggest he writes to boss recorded delivery to say
Further to our conversation on xx date when you told me (whatever he said eg .... Business would not be able to pay me wages owed of £xx and my employment was terminated) I am writing to state I was last paid on xx date £xx amount up to and included hours worked to xx date, and I am owed for the hours worked since that date plus holidays pay accrued. I am also owed for pay in lieu of notice ( or redundancy - check with cab) ( this depends on how long he has worked there also check any contract of employment for notice periods).
Please arrange to pay me this amount without delay.
Send recorded delivery.
You have a number of choices - possibly tribunal but he may not pay and its time consuming or by putting in a demand to pay up or he will apply to have the business wound up.
Depending on the process you have gone through he can also apply to the redundancy payments office ( a department of the official receivers office) and they may pay statutory redundancy and holiday pay.
Good luck.

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