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part time jobs after redundancy any ideas

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calcium Mon 05-Jun-06 15:19:25

I was made redundant 3 months ago now, I had been with the company nearly 13 years. I am finding life really difficult as I have been the main bread winner and apart from maternity leave always worked. I was on a good wage and good benefits with car. I am finding it really difficult to find another job, I work as a Visual Merchandiser (shop windows, displays product placing that kind of thing) I am with 6 agencies but there is nothing for the money I want or with the flexibility as I was working 4 days a week before.
I have looked on several sights but does any one have any experience or good ideas of part time work or retraining to fit in with School drop offs etc..
any help would be greatfully appreciated, whilst working I seemed to have lots of plans for if I wasn't and now I am free I can't think of any of them! It seems everything I want and need to do requires money, ahhhhh....

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