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Off sick but not been paid

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fedupandtired Tue 02-Jul-13 10:20:19

I've been off sick for a few weeks but haven't been paid this month. Payroll cut off is 17th of the month and I went off sick on the 12th so its mainly hours worked that I've not been paid for rather than SSP.

My absence is due to a relapse in my bipolar, of which my employer is fully aware of and I suspect I've not been paid purely because I'm off (I pretty much know this as a fact as its a small company which is struggling financially and the owner does tend to not pay people on time just because he feels like it).

I normally do payroll and deal with HR issues (but had no training in HR so not exactly qualified) so phoning someone in HR isn't possible. Currently the owner isn't taking my calls.

This isn't right, is it?

flowery Tue 02-Jul-13 10:32:07

Well, no it's not right, obviously you should be paid for time worked prior to your sickness absence, and for SSP after a qualifying period subsequently, but if you normally do the payroll I imagine that's probably why. It would have been easy for your employer to stop your pay altogether, and for someone who doesn't usually do payroll, a lot more difficult to calculate pay for hours worked, then SSP. Also if payroll cut off is 17th of the month your employer would have no way of knowing how much you should be paid as you may have been back to work shortly afterwards, making any SSP payment incorrect anyway.

Presumably you have no reason to think your employer has no intention of not paying you at all? Sounds like a logistical thing rather than a deliberate intention to withhold your pay, unless there's more to it?

Are you expecting to return to work shortly?

fedupandtired Tue 02-Jul-13 10:44:35

I'm looking to go back to work next week.

My employer had all my hours worked, they may have already been entered onto the spreadsheet. The only discrepancy would have been any SSP which the accountant would have dealt with anyway and I'm not too bothered about because that can be rectified next month.

I have just spoken to my line manager who said several people, including her, weren't paid but she thought it had all been rectified. I suspect I haven't been paid due to cash flow and the owner specifically choosing not to pay me because I'm off sick (its a small company and the owner has in the past chosen not to pay people for the hours they've worked because he thinks its too much).

I guess I wait for my line manager to get back to me.


BriansBrain Thu 04-Jul-13 23:11:41

How are you fedup? A&E you back to work and managing to sort it all out?

BriansBrain Thu 04-Jul-13 23:12:04

A&E?? Are


fedupandtired Fri 05-Jul-13 12:20:42


Thanks for asking. Yes, I have sorted it out and have now been paid. I know though that the reason I wasn't paid was due to cash flow and the fact that not being there made me an easy target to not pay.

I'm probably going back next Tuesday although I have to be honest that not getting paid isn't much of an incentive to go back. This months pay will be mainly SSP. Goodness knows whether that will be paid.

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