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How to work around an issue in hours?

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TheDetective Mon 01-Jul-13 15:39:01

I'm sorry if this turns out a little long winded. I will try and be succinct, while giving all the relevant info! Am hoping someone can give me some good advice smile

I work FT. I work in the NHS, shifts, so a 24/7 rota. (Currently off work sick following maternity leave).

DP works PT. 19.5 hours. Set shifts. In a supermarket.

We have a 7 month old baby, and our childcare is arranged in the form of MIL. She also works PT in the same place as DP.

DP and MIL shifts work out perfectly, so that she is off for his weekday shifts (they both work Saturdays).

Great right?

Well, it would be, but I am worried about things falling through. I don't like to rely on others for childcare - unless it is paid childcare obviously. Now our original intention was to get a childminder, and request a slight change to DP's hours. Currently he works 11-7 on a Tues. Would like him to work 9-5, 10-6, 8-4, or alternatively push the 2 hours from the end of the day to Friday 9.30-3 (with 11.30-3 being his current shift).

MIL insists she will do the childcare, and there is no need to worry about the 7pm finish.

Of course I will worry. Because if I do need a CM in a hurry (as nursery is only open til 6) then finding a CM til 7.30pm is going to be a right old PITA and give us little, if no option on who we use.

Sorry. Not being very succinct. So, he had a meeting at his work today and proposed a change in his hours. He was offered to swap the Tuesday shift to do exactly the same on the Monday hmm which isn't helpful in the least, considering he told them the issue in the first place. They then offered him to work 9-6 on a friday, but didn't say what his hours would now be on a tuesday probably 4-7 out of spite!. So he has said no to the monday, and probably no to the Friday but has come home to discuss it with me first.

I have suggested he just asks his work to drop 1 hour from his contracted hours per week and finish at 6 on Tuesday instead of 7.

I'm not sure if this would be more agreeable for them? Or do we just keep making a regular annoyance request for an alteration in hours?

The reasons stated for the refusal was because no one would work the 2 hour shift (5-7pm). However they do run 3 hour shifts, so not sure why they then said no to 8-4 as they could cover 4-7 as a single shift.

It doesn't affect us right now. But I don't want to get to the point where it is. I'd like to have an arrangement sorted out sooner.

I've already made a particular request to my work (to work no more than 2 out of 4 saturday shifts) as I believe us asking just 1 employer for both changes would be unreasonable. So I'd like to avoid making a further request of no tuesday late shifts.

Oh, last point. His original contracted hours on tuesdays were 10-6. The store used to close at 6. About 2 years ago they decided to stay open til 7. They then basically forced through a change of hours on DP. They gave him the option of which day he would like to work til 7 though hmm. So he was put on 11-7. Now, plenty of people do not work til 7, and there are all kinds of hours with in the store. DPs sister fucking family affair in that place I'm telling you! made a request to work certain hours because of childcare a few months back when returning from ML, and hers were granted. She swapped from doing 2 8 hour days, to 3 shorter shifts and stopped her 7am starts, starting at 9.30 instead.

So I'm not entirely convinced they aren't just hiding behind 'for business reasons we can't accommodate these changes'.

Any advice would be great. smile

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