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Overtime and changing of hours

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allotmentgirl82 Sun 30-Jun-13 14:27:42

I'm posting on behalf of my OH.
OH works for a well known car dealership. The dealership bought out the previous owners on the understanding that all staff would keep their jobs.
OH was given a new contract from current owners. No where on the contract does it state his salary. It does however state that his hours could be increased to 44 per week (currently 39)
OH did not sign the contract, told them he was seeking advice.
OH has been told he has to do overtime when needed and has to work every other Saturday- despite it being 1 in 4 in the contract.
OH has told his manager he cannot do overtime every night as he has a young family and wants to see/play with them before they go to bed. He has also said he will only work 1 in 4 saturdays as contract states.

His boss is being very demanding, saying that as he won't work any overtime they are increasing his weekly hours too 44. 8am-5.30pm Mon-Fri and that he has to work 8.30-12.30 every Saturday.
They say the work is being done in the hours worked, yet OH says they are understaffed and need more mechanics.

Can his boss make him work longer hours?

flowery Sun 30-Jun-13 15:33:15

If the business was bought by new owners, TUPE should apply, which means your DP/DH's existing terms and conditions and length of service are protected. Get him to read this.

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