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Why do I feel so down! Redundancies!

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tazmo Mon 24-Jun-13 21:33:34

I am feeling so fed up. Had first consultation today after being told job was at risk. My immediate boss has givenme unofficial assurances I am not on the hit list but it does look like (from what my colleagues think) that ill be the person that manages 4 junior staff tho reporting into a new manager ( as yet unknown tho likely to be. One of two who are ok but I think they lack the drive that I do. I guess I should be flattered that they feel I can bring on these staff but q frankly, with the group being set up I feel well and truly pigeonholed. I will be left with 4 staff (if this set up is as everyone thinks it will go). One has handed in their notice, one doesn't like me and doesn't really have the background degree for the type of work we do so feels she is above admin. But tbh, can't really do,the job. Ill have another who is From overseas who needs so much hand holding shell prob take up most of my time and another who is really ambitious who I know feels pigeon holed already and I won't be able to give her variety!! On top of that ill have project work of my own. I feel totally stitched up as the manager I am likely to have doesn't want line management (so ill have to do all the goals and objectives and day to day moans etc)' she gets the director title and I'm also stuck doing the work as I have a lower charge out rate than her. So feel so depressed!!!

I know you will say I should find a new job but as you know hard to find a new one, especially home based, without having to pay travel and I have 3 small children, am the main colleagues are great on the whole but is it normal to feel so down?

virgil Tue 25-Jun-13 12:09:22

Why are you in consultation if your role has not been provisionally selected? Have they said? Are they consulting with everyone who was put at risk even those not provisionally selected?

It is completely normal to feel upset and unsettled when there are redundancies going on even if your role will remain. Its a horrible process.

Can you feed in your concerns to your immediate manager?

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