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Help needed re nhs and agenda for change banding

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munchkinmaster Thu 20-Jun-13 14:18:20

I'm due to start a new job but have moved geographic area and have accepted a job one band lower than my old job. It's much the same job as I do at the moment. I'm happy to drop a band to avoid a commute but the trust are also being very cagey about where abouts on the band they will place me. They won't give me a straight answer and won't rule out starting me on the bottom of the band despite 6 years experience doing the same job on the higher band. Does any one have any experience of this?

stowsettler Thu 20-Jun-13 14:55:40

So you've moved trust yes? Have you given your notice in at your old job? TBH if it were me I'd find out the actual band/point they are proposing before I burn my boats.
I'm not sure that you can insist they pay you at your current scale if you're moving trusts.

DottyDot Thu 20-Jun-13 14:57:53

don't accept the job before agreeing which point on the band you'll be on!

You should be put on at least the 6th point of the band, to reflect your 6 years in the NHS (if you were in the NHS). If your experience comes from outside the NHS they may not recognise it at all, even if the job itself was very similar to the one you've now been offered.

I'd negotiate with your new line manager and HR before accepting anything in writing.

munchkinmaster Thu 20-Jun-13 15:32:23

I'm yet to hand in notice but have told my current boss verbally/informally. I'm not disputing the band as that's what the job is. I assumed they would pay me at point 6 but called to clarify when I recieved my preffered candidate letter as it just said the band not the pay point. They said we will put you on lowest point and then put you where you ought to be when transfer certificate comes in. I've said I won't hand in notice or sign contract till there is a clear salary agreed and that they need to clarify what they will offer. My new manager is sympathetic but says he has no power over budget/wages. I'm pissed off as I need to get organised with various things but they have gone quiet. I would have assumed point 6 but they won't confirm and I've heard of someone else placed on bottom in similar circumstances.

SauvignonBlanche Thu 20-Jun-13 15:39:24

Can't you send them a copy of your most recent payslip to show them your current salary?

munchkinmaster Thu 20-Jun-13 15:42:48

They know what I earn but will not confirm if they are willing to recognise my experience. They won't confirm what they will do with the staff transfer certificate when it comes (which is always after you start).

mammasmadhouse Thu 20-Jun-13 16:03:02

Hi There I have recently returned to the NHS after working for 3 years in the HE sector. I had worked for the NHS for 13 years, my initial (unconditional) offer letter for my new post stated a salary at the bottom of the band but when I queried it and highlighted my current salary and experience (which was detailed on my application form) they advised that my new boss would need to complete a salary variation form, which they did and my conditional offer was amended to reflect the new salary which was top of the band. They did want me to accept the post before the salary issue had been formally resolved, so I signed the paperwork to accept the post subject to salary confirmation.
It can be done but will really depend on local arrangements. I did find the recruitment team at my Trust unusually very helpful which was a bonus!! I hope you get it sorted smile

munchkinmaster Thu 20-Jun-13 16:04:21


I see on your profile you are an nhs manager. Do you have any previous experience of this situation. All I'm getting is ' dunno' and begining to feel as if I'm somehow being unreasonable to ask for my spine points.

munchkinmaster Thu 20-Jun-13 16:06:19

Thanks mamas thats encouraging but I fear my fear my trust is cash strapped and less likely to negotiate.

holidaysarenice Thu 20-Jun-13 18:05:08

i have dipped in and out of nhs employment.

when i left my band 5 in one trust and 9 months later took up another band 5 in a different region they were happy to allow the points i had accumulated. i just requested a form from my old job stating the band i was on at the point of leaving. (unfortunately i lost the 11months experience towards my next point.)

however i honestly dont know how it occurs when you down band a level. are the job titles the same?

munchkinmaster Thu 20-Jun-13 18:14:00

They are the same job titles. No one seems to know re down banding and it's not mentioned in the nhs terms and conditions handbook

DottyDot Sun 23-Jun-13 23:12:19

Hi, sorry I've only just checked this thread. My experience in the bit of the NHS I work in is that your NHS years are counted, so if you've worked for 6 years in the NHS at an equivalent level (or the band below) you would go on the 6th point.

Often takes a bit of negotiation with HR though and things like this are getting more difficult to get agreement on in this financial climate, but your new line manager should be negotiating this with HR on your behalf. I would let them know you will not be confirming your acceptance until you have your starting salary in writing. Don't discuss start dates, induction etc until you get this.

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