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Well so much for my job application......

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Katymac Fri 26-May-06 19:47:05

One of my staff has upped and left

She came in at 2.25 today and said she was finishing at 6pm

Not much notice hard feelings tho'

I'd be more concerned if I hadn't been planning to ask her to go...but I could have done with a few days notice

Of couse this means even if I get an inteview or the job I couldn't take it until someone new has been trained up

morningpaper Fri 26-May-06 20:08:04

Aw bad luck Katy

Katymac Fri 26-May-06 20:29:41

So I need a nice co-opeative new employee - immediatly (well before next Friday so DH doesn't have to miss tennis)

jambuttie Fri 26-May-06 22:45:36

whats the job and where are you based katymac?

flutterbee Fri 26-May-06 23:13:02

Ooh ooh I'm looking for a job, but I bet you live a million miles away and its probably for something like brain surgeon so I couldn't do it anyway

Katymac Sat 27-May-06 11:55:07

Childcare and cleaning

8-9.15 & 3-6 M-F

In Norfolk (by Acle)

Katymac Sat 27-May-06 11:55:44

More hrs sometimes to cover other peoples sick

flutterbee Mon 29-May-06 17:59:03

Damn it I'm in Sussex, I hope you get someone soon.

Katymac Mon 29-May-06 18:17:59

Thanks.....sorry I'm in the wrong place

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