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Part time pay claim rejected - meeting - worried

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El26 Sun 26-May-13 19:48:47

Meeting coming up with head of dept, HR and union rep - and me. Reason: my part time pay claim was rejected on grounds that not all courses I teach are assessed (in fact they are) - long story but an agreement was hammered out with union and department which lays out very clearly how much part timers can claim for this holiday period when they are marking, assessment, doing course admin. I stuck to it rigidly but my claim, unlike other people's, has been turned down.

The effort to put right this wrong has taken its toll. I feel so low, so tired and so worried about how I'm going to pay the mortgage at the end of this month. Payroll has no doubt been run - I'll be real financial difficulty if they don't make an emergency payment.

HoD has called the meeting after telling me, through her PA, that at first the claim couldn't go through and later, that it could "as a gesture of good will" but that I wasn't to submit another one (I am due an additional 2 weeks' pay according to the agreement).

Union are fine - have pointed out to head that this is against the agreement and not at all in line with the other depts in the institution. Still head will not resolve and is calling this meeting. DH thinks the inclusion of HR may be a smoke screen or a face saver - I don't know.

The head of dept has spoken to full time colleagues, copied them into emails - and I am so embarrassed. I've done nothing wrong but people often think that there's no smoke without fire.

I should let the union rep do the talking and I will but I will need to defend myself and I am just so, so tried - a week of sleepless nights and worry. To crown things, the dept didn't let part timers see their contracts after the union agreement went through. They were rushed off to HR (we did ask). If I'd seen mine, I'd have spotted half the no of hours I'm entitled to and would have challenged it then. My feeling is that I've, for some reason I may never understand, been made an example of by this HoD who didn't like the agreement but had to go along with it, in the end, because it's fair and tallies with all similar agreements in other departments. Our agreement is there, in black and white, in emails.

I work very, very hard - and this isn't only deeply upsetting, it's very hurtful. Any thoughts or support - would be gratefully received.

Wishiwasanheiress Sun 26-May-13 20:44:42

You poor thing. Sounds awful. In sending love hugs and thoughts for strength for u. I'm sorry nothing more constructive....

U ok?

Virgil Mon 27-May-13 21:56:22

Is your HOD stating that you are not entitled to the pay? On what basis? Is it on the grounds that as a part timer you are not entitled or is she questioning whether the work has been done?

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