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Sick after 12mths maternity leave

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Littletractor Sun 26-May-13 10:05:16

Hi, hoping someone has direct experience of this. In brief, I had a difficult pregnancy, assisted delivery and DS has had a range of medical problems one after another that have left me fraught. I planned to take 9mths maternity leave but ended up taking the full 12mths as DS and I were both struggling, even though it was unpaid. DH is very supportive and we can survive on his salary, thankfully. I was due back at work at the start of this week but my doctor said I need more time before I am ready to go back, so wrote me a line for 4wks. I've received a letter from work saying I'm not entitled to SSP as I received no pay for the last 3mths of my maternity leave. They've told me to apply for Employee Support Allowance, which I suspect I'm not entitled to on account of DH's salary. Work sick policy is 6mths full pay 6mths half pay. Does anyone know if I'm still entitled to this or what way it works? I cant bear the thought that after all this trauma now I wont get any sick pay either. Work is closed until Tues because of bank holiday so I cant ask until then and I'm so upset. Please no speculation, I would just like facts if that's ok as I'm in a bit of a state. Thanx

supermodel Sun 26-May-13 10:12:26

You could be entitled to contribution based ESA which is paid on the basis of you having paid enough NI contributions while working. Your husband's salary would not be taken into account for this. Check the website which has lots of useful information.

Littletractor Sun 26-May-13 10:27:49

Thanks supermodel. I'd looked at that and there seems to be a whole rigmarole to go through in order to get it - do you know if I have to do that in order to get my work sick pay, (which will no doubt add to my stress and anxiety levels).

flowery Sun 26-May-13 13:48:31

Without looking at your staff handbook/contract/sickness absence policy no one here can tell you whether or not your qualify for their enhanced sick pay scheme. Do you not have a copy of the policy?

Littletractor Mon 27-May-13 08:07:32

Hi, I do have a copy of the policy and it doesn't mention anything about sickness after maternity leave.

flowery Mon 27-May-13 14:44:37

It wouldn't necessarily need to. Check whether you meet the length of service requirements and any other requirements and check how they work out pay entitlements- if it's based on average earnings for a set period or whether it just refers to "salary".

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