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Going on mat leave soon and left out of essential training

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2margarinesonthego Sat 25-May-13 15:26:03

I was put at risk of redundancy at Easter (6 months pg at the time). 3 new roles were created though, and I was interviewed and subsequently got one of them. At the interview I asked what the difference was between the other 2 roles and the one I ended up getting (they all sounded very similar in the description, and in fact my interview was a joint one for all 3 roles). I was told the other 2 were 'strategic' and the one I ended up getting was 'technical'.

All 3 roles require knowledge of a brand new bit of software for which there is no in-house training. It's very complex and it is an essential part of my job (90% of my time will be spent on it for the foreseeable future). My 2 'strategic' colleagues need to know a bit about it, but will only spend 20% of their time on it. After learning I had got the role I went on leave for a couple of weeks. When I returned this week I discovered that my 2 strategic colleagues are going on a course in London together to learn the software. I have not even been considered and my boss has given me other work to do whilst they are away.

To me this is a complete blocker to me doing the job I've been employed for. I'm going on mat leave very soon so this may be why it's considered not appropriate for me to go on the course but of course when I return to work I will be completely in the dark as to how to do my own job. The training is more pertinent to my role than theirs, and yet they are doing it and I am not.

In the past I have been left out of overnight workshops etc because I have a young child and the decision was taken for me that I wouldn't want to be away overnight, even though I have never said it would be a problem (and in fact it isn't!)

I feel a little discriminated against because surely I should get the same opportunities as the others regardless of my home situation or the fact I am pregnant.

I intend to ask my boss on Tuesday why I have been left out, would this be unreasonable?

NurseRatchet Sat 25-May-13 15:37:11

How soon is "very soon"? If you are shortly going to be away for your maternity leave then it possibly does make sense for them to do the training now and you do it upon your return. Not unreasonable to ask though, and you could take the opportunity to mention that you are able to attend overnight things.

flowery Sat 25-May-13 16:03:39

If they've taken the decision to give you the technical role then presumably they fully intend to train you in how to do it. By all means ask, but I think feeling discriminated against when you have no indication that they intend to ask you to do the job without training you is a bit of a leap.

Makes far more sense to train you when you get back, rather than train you and immediately you go off for up to a year. Obviously if they say different, there may be reason for concern.

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