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Suspended on full pay pending investigation

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anchovies Mon 20-May-13 16:11:34

Just wondering what this means? Straight after arriving at work dh was told to go home, suspended on full pay until a meeting on Friday. He's certain this means he isn't going to be going back to work but he's not sure whether to expect a disciplinary on Friday (he's got no reason to suspect he will sacked for gross misconduct) or some sort of negotiation about him leaving quietly. I don't understand why he wasn't just made redundant sad

He has a 6 month notice period and isn't a member of a union. Just wondering if anyone could give him an idea of what he can expect on Friday?

Seabright Sat 01-Jun-13 08:32:57

Don't forget to get the terms of his reference agreed in the compromise agreement.

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