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Need to make a decision today about leaving for another job....

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skyblue11 Sun 19-May-13 14:57:10

I have another posting on another board, purely because I thought it might get a faster response but as it's employment related I'll post here as well!
Basically I am in a quandry about a job I applied for and got, which I wasn't expecting to. It's the same money, which will go up eventually, same hours but this the problem, although same hours there's no flexi, at the moment I consolidate my hours and have 1 day off in the week and I'm term time. I would be having 24 days leave at the new job compared to 100 where I am now for around £125 more per month (cos I'd be working more weeks per year) The reason I applied was cos I wanted more security and less stress...and I have given myself a load this weekend! What should I do???

flowery Sun 19-May-13 19:31:20

Unusual for a new job to give more security... Are you under threat of redundancy where you are now?

How important is the extra time off you get now compared to the extra money?

Virgil Mon 20-May-13 19:50:57

I would agree with flowery. Unless the new job is with the same company then it will not give you more security since you will need to be employed for two years before you can bring a claim of unfair dismissal.

To me it would not be worth it at all. The flexitime is a massive benefit. But if that £125 will make all the difference to you and you don't need the free time then perhaps.....?

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