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Health visitor interview .. Need help !! :D

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Emily21xx Sat 11-May-13 17:24:39

Hi everyone, I'm hopeing you can help me,

I've just been offered a HV interview which is my dream job!! I currently work on a ward where I have been for a year and me and my husband have started talking about having children within a year or maybe 2. I'm just worried if I start a HV course will it affect me getting full mat pay? I didn't know whether it mattered what trust you work for as long as you continue to work for the NHS as I understand you need to work for 12 months to get full pay, will I have to start from square 1 if I start this course??

My friend who is a nurse told me mat leave is provided per trust and not the nhs as an organisation, so that would mean I wouldn't be entitled to it and I don't want to feel I have to wait years to have children just to do this course, please help!!

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