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Can Employer revert pay rise?

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WidowWadman Thu 09-May-13 18:19:23

I've received a 1.8% pay rise in line with the annual pay review and had my new salary advised in writing.

I have just come home to a letter withdrawing this pay review as apparently according to internal policies I would have not been entitled since I received an extraordinary pay rise 6 months previously (which was to bring my pay in line with my colleagues as I understand it)

They inform me that my pay is reduced to the previous pay I've been on since October (and which, incidently is still slightly below the average pay on my level) and they have to recover the overpayment I have received in April's pay.

Can they do that? It feels like a kick in the teeth. Especially since my manager who has signed this letter hasn't even had the courtesy of talking to me about it.

flowery Thu 09-May-13 18:37:23

How long ago did you get the letter advising you of the increase, and were you informed when you received the last increase that you would not be eligible this time?

WidowWadman Thu 09-May-13 19:09:44

I received the letter advising me on the increase about 3 weeks ago. I've just checked the letter advising me of the last increase, which said nothing about not being eligible for a further payrise, and I've also checked my contract and couldn't find anything about that.

Undoubtedly it's in a policy somewhere in the HR drive.

The letter informing me about the reversal is only dated "May 2013" not giving an actual day, and signed by my former line manager - I have a new line manager since 1st May 2013.

I knew that a colleague, who also received a pay rise in October got into an argument a few weeks ago, as he queried whether his bonus was calculated correctly and they then informed him that he may not have been entitled to the 1.8% rise. He came to see me to warn me that this may happen (he only guessed/knew about my rise because we both had been promoted into our roles) I wasn't actually to happy about him discussing this in an open plan office.

I went to speak to the Head of our department, who actually said, that I probably don't have anything to worry about, and that I'd be best off not going to HR and query my entitlements.

Which is why I'm even more disappointed, that I had this letter in the post today, without a word of warning, that this would happen.

WidowWadman Fri 10-May-13 11:41:52

Looks like there was some miscommunication, which is being dealt with now, so it's being sorted.

flowery Fri 10-May-13 13:40:22

Oh that's good news. smile

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