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Boss making me uncomftorable about my eating habits

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negmatthews Wed 08-May-13 20:54:17

Hi MN,

My boss keeps making snipey comments about my eating and it's making me feel really humiliated and uncomfortable. I've always struggled with food since I was little, and I fear I am probably being over-sensitive but it's really getting me down. I don't know if I just need a slap and accept that it's banter?

For example, occasionally someone in the team will get some chocolates or something to share (I do this occasionally, so it's not like I'm just nicking everyone's treats!), she will always make a comment to me when I go for one, like "tut tut!", or "step away from the food" or "OMG you ate all the sweets! Look colleagues, negmatthews ate all the chocolates!"

I am a bit overweight and I absolutely hate myself for it, I have always been like this and struggle with it. I have a healthier attitude than I used to and try to be moderate. BUT, it has fuck all to do with my work. I am a good worker, a hard worker, and having a couple of sweets while I am on the job makes fuck all difference. I just want to tell her to fuck off to be honest. It's embarrassing to have someone pick on me when I'm at my desk, even if it's in jest.

Anyone have any advice/a slap round the face?

KatherineLacey Wed 22-May-13 22:54:24

Don't bother with witty comebacks. I think writing an email explaining how you feel is perfectly alright. Also, that way you have it on record so if she keeps on you can take the matter to HR or further and prove that she is in fact bullying you, as she knows what she's doing.

I suspect she'll stop as soon as you send an email like that, but if she doesn't HR will lay the smack down as they probably don't want to be on the sharp end of a constructive dismissal claim.

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