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Am I over reacting about this situation at work?

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drudgewithagrudge Wed 08-May-13 17:07:02

I work for a firm that provides school meals and as part of my job I have to travel to another school with their food,serve it, and travel back to my base. I have been doing this for quite a few years now and very much enjoy my job. I have always found my line manager to be supportive and have been treated with courtesy and kindness by the school.

For many years a local taxi firm had the contract to transport the dinners and the catering assistant to the other school and there were never any problems. Unfortunately the firm is no longer in business and the contract has been given to a large courier firm who deal solely in parcels etc and not passengers. Worse still, if they cannot do a particular day they sub contract to other firms so I never know who is coming to pick me up.

As well as knowing the old drivers they were CRB checked and licensed by the local authority but I don't know anything about the new ones and do not feel comfortable getting into a van and driving 20 minutes through the countryside with someone who could be just out of jail for all I know. They have had no checks and there is some doubt that they are insured to take passengers.They actually come into the schools to pick up and deliver the food and nobody turns a hair.

My bosses and the school head have all made sympathetic noises and say they understand my worries but there seems to be some on going feud between the various departments concerned at the County Council and it just gets passed around.

I am considering leaving the job which I have enjoyed for so long not just because of the driver issue but also the fact that my concerns seem to count for nothing and I no longer feel safe at work.

Am I over reacting? Advice please.

trumpfamily Wed 08-May-13 20:24:17

Like you I would be worried about the safety checks in place. Rather than talking to your bosses, pop something in writing. A paper trail is harder to ignore. By putting it in writing you are highlighting the problem and can make sure that you cover all issues that you wish to raise. When speaking to bosses there is the risk that they don't take in all the information and you don't put an argument across so eloquently in the heat of the moment. Don't issue ultimatums as they just put their backs up. If you're really not happy then look for a new job before you jack it in. Good luck.

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