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Change of base - is it unreasonable?

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minniedriver Mon 06-May-13 17:22:15

Posting for a friend who works in NHS has been based in a clinic location for 5 years (podiatry).Within walking distance of her home and when she finishes work she can pick up her children from nursery.

Her line manager asked to see her on Friday and told her she was required to move base from next week to another clinic 20 miles away this is going to result in travel costs and will complicate child care arrangements. Her nhs contract does say she can be asked to work anywhere in the trust .

I would think though it has to be reasonable and in a given time frame.Is there anything she can do?

FadBook Mon 06-May-13 21:10:10

In her contract of employment, it will have a section on Location or Place of work. What does it say?

Most contracts will have a clause about working from various locations. I'd be surprised if the NHS are trying to change something that isn't contractually sound.

A discussion should be taking place with your friend and management; concerns should be raised and discussed. It may be that an agreement can be reached somewhere in the middle.

It's not Midlands hospital is it? I'm in HR but have a family member going through exactly the same thing at the moment. I believe a group grievance has been submitted and due to be heard shortly. Many staff are not happy with the changes to location or business reasons stated for the change.

minniedriver Tue 07-May-13 20:00:26

Thanks fad....she's on the case with her manager now.

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