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Is anyone else doing a Degree or Masters?

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goodgrief54 Mon 06-May-13 13:05:48

Hi, I am currently trying to complete the dissertation for my Masters as well as work full time and look after my 2 DC's. I am really struggling to get motivated with the dissertation - anyone else out there in the same boat?? Any motivational kicks up the rear very much appreciated. I guess the sun is not helping as I can hear my children playing in the paddling pool and am very jealous and in truth spending more time with them than doing the 1000 words I have set out to achieve today...

squawkparrot Thu 09-May-13 18:46:06

Just do it

squawkparrot Thu 09-May-13 18:51:50

Just do it

Lomaamina Fri 10-May-13 18:19:10

First of all, sympathies. It's hard enough writing, let alone with a full-time job and children. I'd try and break it down into doable chunks. Can you focus on bits you already have notes on for now? Sketch out ideas without any references and then flesh them out? Do what you can to avoid the blank page staring at you.

Switch off distractions such as mumsnet email, and see how much you can write off the top of your head for 5 minutes. Then 10. And so on.

The Thesis Whisperer site is for PhDs, but has many useful tips. Have a look here:

LifeHope11 Fri 10-May-13 20:59:09

Hi, I am working towards a masters & have a full time job and special needs DC...not quite there but have completed most of it/passed the majority of the modules so can only speak from experience as to what has helped keep me on track.

All your energy needs to be concentrated on what you have on your plate (work, DC, studies) so don't waste time feeling jealous/guilty/resentful or whatever. Tell yourself that you will study for a period of time that is not too dauntingly long (say a couple of hours at a time) then will give yourself a break. Even half an hour during a lunch break etc can be really productive. Short intensive study periods are a good way to go and fit best with the multiple demands on your time.

You don't mention whether you have a supportive DH/DP but now is the time to enlist any support you have whenever you really need to get some study time.

I don't know what your discipline is, but presume that you have your dissertation topic and that you therefore know what you will be writing about, what you are aiming to accomplish and roughly how you are going to approach it. Breaking it down into manageable tasks as Lomaamina suggested, is great advice.

When I did my dissertation I kept in mind: the purpose (what I wanted to accomplish, the problem/s I was aiming to solve); the content including research outcomes etc, anything which was relevant to the purpose, the 'story'; and the structure, ie how to tell the 'story' in a clear and coherent way.

I focused on these 3 - purpose, content, structure - chipping away at each of them a little at a time until finally they met.

Don't wait to feel motivated - just get started even if you tell yourself it is just for a little time. Once you are started, you will get engrossed and once you have invested some time and effort it will get easier & easier to keep going - especially when the end is in sight. Good luck!

goodgrief54 Sat 11-May-13 08:34:10

Thank you all for your comments.

LifeHope11 your comment about not wasting time feeling jealous/guilty/resentful is fantastic advice. I need to remember that it is only until September and then I will be able to balance things easier.

I have made a start and the 3 elements again is a great way to think about it - I will revisit these to ensure there is flow.

Lomaamina - the website is great and I think you know me so well - turning off the distractions would be great - I am so very very easily distracted by other things..

squawkparrot - you are right.. Will do

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