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Appraisal and not sure what happens next

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WorrySighWorrySigh Thu 02-May-13 23:59:55

I have just had my first formal appraisal having started a new job a couple of months ago.

Since starting this job I have had a few problems with my line manager. At one point after a very few weeks I posted here in absolute despair having been bollocked fairly ruthlessly and publicly by my boss.

Now, having had my first appraisal I realise that the relationship with my line manager has not improved. Almost everything I say is perceived as being negative or sarcastic - I repeated the examples given to my DH who could not see what the problem was with these comments.

It isnt a junior role, as part of my role I have had to take on a huge spreadsheet based reporting model. I feel that I have made good progress with this and that the number and significance of the errors which have occurred have reduced markedly especially in the last couple of weeks. My line manager does not agree and believes that I should not be making any mistakes at all.

I am still on probation for a couple more weeks (during this time I am on one week's notice). Does anyone have experience with probation periods? If it is going to be extended when does my employer have to tell me please?

flowery Fri 03-May-13 08:12:10

When they tell you depends on them really, but normally there'd be a review meeting at or near the end of your probationary period at which they'd tell you if you'd passed it, if they were letting you go or about an extension.

Crinkle77 Fri 03-May-13 15:38:17

I think it is unrealistic of your manager to expect you never to make a mistake. Maybe you need to ensure that you double check your work once you have done it to make sure there are no mistakes

WorrySighWorrySigh Fri 03-May-13 18:54:15

Many thanks flowery

I have agreed extra time with my line manager so that I can make more checks (the report was being snatched out of my hands as it came off the printer).

Virgil Fri 03-May-13 19:01:57

Don't read too much into a probationary period. It means nothing at all legally it is simply a way of managing a worker's expectations. Until you have been employed for two years you can be dismissed without the ability to do much about it unless the reason for your dismissal is discriminatory.

WorrySighWorrySigh Fri 03-May-13 20:15:39

The significance of the probationary period is that at the moment I can be dismissed with a week's notice. Once the probationary period is over I will be entitled to 3 months notice.

Virgil Fri 03-May-13 20:18:10

Ok. There are No rules re notice periods though other than those built into the contract. If they want to keep extending it they can unless the contract prevents this (which it won't)

WorrySighWorrySigh Fri 03-May-13 21:24:55

Thanks Virgil

Virgil Fri 03-May-13 21:29:02

I would just send a casual email to HR asking if an appointment will come through or whether you need to liaise directly with your boss to sort one out. Gentle prod never hurts

Overberries Fri 03-May-13 21:42:51

I don't know from the legal HR issue I'm afraid. Although have had experience of inheriting a huge, outdated and not fit for purpose reporting system... Total nightmare and so difficult to spot mistakes.

I introduced a cross check meeting within the dept where three of us sat together for an hour cross checking data before it was signed off for release. I also informed the business that this was being introduced and that the reports would be one day later than previously. They actually bought into this, errors were reduced by around 80% but more importantly my boss really appreciated the steps taken to tighten the process up.

This may not work in your situation, but it might give you something to show you are actively taking steps to manage the situation and buy you some time?

Best of luck

WorrySighWorrySigh Fri 03-May-13 22:01:40

Many thanks Overberries, I am grateful for the understanding! It gives me something to think about.

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