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Need help filling in my tax return...

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tonyf Thu 02-May-13 12:18:13

i'm doing the "tailor your return bit" on my self assessment - it should in theory be an easy business as i've not made any money for this tax year, though i do have about £30 expenses (just postage, stationery)

what do i click yes or no for these questions? i think (?) i know what to click on all the other boxes in this section.

"Have you made any income tax losses in the year 2012-13?"

"If you disposed of any chargeable assets, or had any chargeable gains, or you wish to claim an allowable loss, or make any other claim or election, do you need to complete the Capital Gains section? Please check help:"


it is not my first year of being self employed. just a bit hazey about doing the form. have made money in previous years.


if you click on yes on "Have you made any income tax losses in the year 2012-13?" in the "tailor your return bit" - it brings up this section later in the form:

You have said that you made income tax losses in the tax year 2012-13. Please complete the following questions.

Earlier years' losses (which can be set against certain other income in 2012-13):£

Unused losses carried forward:£

Relief now for 2013-14 income, or certain capital losses (Read the notes before completing this question):£

Please specify the source of loss in the question above:

Year for which you are claiming relief above:


which all seems quite complicated...


there's been no money coming in and about thirty pounds have gone out very disposable expenses (to be specific postage, stationary)....

flowery Thu 02-May-13 13:00:19

This really isn't an employment question. Why don't you try asking MNHQ to move it to Freelancer/Self-employed or Money Matters topics?

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 02-May-13 13:18:52

Tony you clearly have a lot of queries about your tax return you really really need a small amount of an accountants time.

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