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Got presentation for interview tomorrow and Im rubbish at public speaking !

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fakeblondie Wed 01-May-13 13:42:55

I used to actually have a phobia but now im just genuinley terrified.
Its stupid i`m sure esp as i regularly address a room full of people on a subject but there are there because they want to know and i have the info iykwim. Plus its relaxed informal and fun.
An inerview is not.
I know the 3 panel managers.
I cant use any props only prompt cards (done )
Ive practiced my presentation lots and lots and lots but o know this will happen :
ill be so stressed even tho i know it i will have to look at my cards.
the room will spin
i wont see clearly or hear my voice it will be distant same level shaky echo !
my voice will shake and i`ll sound like a sheep !
My lips will quiver

And i`m supposed to look like i can manage a large awount of people and services which i know i can but i wont have to start each morning with a flipping presentation :-(
Any tips very gratefully received
I know to breath im a midwife ! but i wont do it will i ill be concentrating on all of the above ???

cocoplops Wed 01-May-13 13:51:35

I hate presentations too! The best thing I find is to practise in front of someone. Can be your oh or friend or whatever - just needs to be another body. Just the added pressure of saying in front of someone else helps to practise and dissipate the nerves on the day.

Also I write down everything I want to say including the transitions between slides, then make sure that's all memorised, then take my notes down to just a buzzword of two. Otherwise you risk reading if off and sounding stilted. Sounds better probably if you wing it a bit more rather than plan a 'speech' but if you're really nervous then that's what I do.

Another thing I used to do was take off my glasses - then everyone was slightly hazy and I felt less on view!!! Again probably not a recommended course of action but helped me!!!

Good luck! The thought of it usually much much worse than the actual deed!

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