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I really want to be a stay at home mum and have a work from home job

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Shellybob1 Tue 30-Apr-13 21:58:07

Hi super mummies smile I am new to here so thought I would ask all you lovely lot if you can advise me x
I used to work 2 days a week and my little boy just did those two days at nursery, it was a great work/life balance. Unfortunately I got made redundant and I had to find another job. I was offered a job at my child's nursery but it was working 4 long days. I took the job and have been there for 4 months now but I am really regretting it as I hate that my boy is in nursery for that long. His room is very busy and it is a long day for him. I also feel his behaviour is changing because of going more or less full time. If I had been offered a job else where with those hours I wouldn't have done it because of the very fact that I didn't want my son in full time childcare. I really want to leave a bring up my child before he goes to school next year. However I need a salary of some sort to help tide us over (my hubby has a solid job). Do any of you know of any work that I could do/ apply for where I can work from home whilst still being the mum I want to be?
Sorry for the long thread, thank you for reading, I hope you can helpsmile

Rockchick1984 Wed 01-May-13 13:27:03

Realistically, most work from home jobs which pay a decent salary would still require childcare for your son. You could look into something like Avon, Phoenix Cards, Body Shop Parties etc however I'm not sure how much you realistically earn from these, and of course it requires you giving up your evenings and weekends to do it.

Have you considered childminding? Personally I didn't want to look after other people's children so it wasn't suitable for me, but may be a good solution for you? Alternatively what about working in a bar/restaurant once your DH is home from work?

daftdame Wed 01-May-13 13:42:48

There is are lots of things you can do from home to bring money in. If you've a hobby or skill, e.g. baking, jewellery making, knitting, dressmaking, accountancy, painting, writing you could eventually set up your own business from home but it may not be a regular salary to start with.

You could sell things on e-bay / car boot sales if it was just a bit of extra money you wanted. You could try this easily in the short term to see if would supply enough extra cash. If you were successful you could progress to holding a regular pitch at a market or open a shop / internet business later on.

Also have a look at your finances, sometimes you can find doing things just a little differently saves you a lot of money.

Some offices do offer working from home as an option but you may have to attend meetings - it would usually say in the job advert.

BB01 Wed 01-May-13 18:57:30

If you're internet savvy and good at writing and researching, have a look at 63336. I've worked for them for 4 years and while the pay's not always great it's soooo flexible. There aren't always vacancies available but we're really busy atm so keep checking if you're interested!

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