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thistlelicker Sat 27-Apr-13 12:25:47

Hi! I've been in My job three years now! Salary isn't bad compared to others but I think I've outgrown it or its outgrown me! I'm due in tomorrow and I'm having palpitations thinking about it! I was sat in the staff room yesterday and felt totally out of place, like I didn't belong there anymore! I've been applying for jobs andi have an interview on Tuesday! It's only 20 hours so therefore half the salary! My hubby works full time but is minimum wage! Do I stay and work it out or go for the interview and pray I get it?? Also concerned bout money as minimum wage and I doubt we will qualify for any benefits! I don't want benefits if I'm honest I just want to be happy at work! What do u reckon?

tribpot Sat 27-Apr-13 12:30:06

Is it your first job? If it is, you probably have outgrown it after three years. Time to move on.

However, are you applying for this other role out of desperation? Is it what you want to be doing? Are there no full-time roles doing the same thing?

If you've got some leave owing I would take some and really get your head together to job hunt properly. I think you suspect you are at risk of lurching from one job to another and wondering if it's worth it.

You can check your entitlements here but unless there are other factors (such as children?) why wouldn't you work full-time?

thistlelicker Sat 27-Apr-13 13:01:38

No children, I've worked full time since leaving college! Almost 30 now! There is another job full time but 40 mile round trip seems a lot while petrol is at its price! Potential job always as interested me I've just never seen it advertised, they have said there is scope for full time! Massive risk!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 28-Apr-13 13:03:49

I have felt like you do previously. I think sometimes that having a potential 'way out' can make exisiting job seem worse.

It is tough out there. I would attend the interview and see if you get it. Not wishing to be negative, you could be one of 10 they are interviewing etc. I really wouldn't jack in a job based on a hope.

Only you can decide if you can live on part-time wages. Even if they say the role might be extended, I would imagine they'll be expecting and budgeting for part-time for at least the first 6 months. You may not be popular if you join and start lobbying for longer hours.

I don't know much about benefits but I do wonder if you will be entitled if you left a full-time job for a part-time. And benefits are being reduced, if you can avoid having to rely on them I was.

As suggested above focus on job hunting and finding the right role for you.

Good luck.

thistlelicker Sun 28-Apr-13 14:44:05

Thank you for your advice ! I know I can't leave a job til I have another. But I am desperately unhappy here! Today has been a lot of bitching over something I can't do because of a medical condition I have! Just rotten! I think I'll speak to benefits office and see what they suggest!

blueshoes Sun 28-Apr-13 15:28:12

Why should you leave because of bitching in the office, particularly because of a medical condition you have. Is this medical condition new or has it always been there and the job has changed.

You should bide your time until you find the right job, particularly in this market.

I don't understand why you are suddenly so desperate to leave. I am afraid your story does not seem to add up. You say you have outgrown the job after 3 years or the job has outgrown you. If that is the case, there is no urgency to leave. Surely this realisation is dawning one rather than an epiphany that causes you to jump at any job however unsuitable.

Yet you also raise the issue of the bitching, which to me is a different issue from outgrowing a job. That sounds more like a factor that has just arisen that is pushing you out. Your manager and HR should deal with that. No reason to quit in a rush.

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