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Can anyone help re employment issue

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SillyTilly123 Sun 21-Apr-13 18:55:55

Let me start by saying I dont know much about this from works pov as dp is pretty clueless.Dp started working in a shop (big company) in 2004, a month or 2 after he started there was £300+ extra on his wageslip. At the time we assumed it was a bonus or something (everyone got it) So fastforward a few years, dp is still there and they change the style of the wage slips and this £300+ is on it as "July '04 advance" People were confused so asked about it and apparently this money was a loan (which no-one asked for) and must be repayed should you leave. Its about 5ish years since we found out it was a "loan" and dp is thinking of leaving as he wants to concentrate on his business which is doing well. However this "loan" would mean dp would not get his final months wage (he's part time now) and we'd really struggle.Now ive just asked him if anyone who has left has had to repay it and he said 'most of them have been paying £10 a month off it' errr ok so why didnt you do that you prat? Lol. Anyhow i have no idea if a company can actually 'gift' you money then demand it back? Dp says he cant remember signing anything about it, as no-one knew about it until the wageslips changed. Thank you if you got this far and have any advice?s
Oh and I cannot remember if at the time dp actually asked what it was for as it was only a few months after dd1 was born so my mind is a bit foggy (plus it was 9 years ago and I cannot even remember yesterday)

SillyTilly123 Sun 21-Apr-13 18:56:47

Sorry about lack of paragraphs, I c+p'd it and stole my paras angry

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