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Have to give presentation and ive NEVER used powerpoint ! Any tips pls x

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fakeblondie Wed 17-Apr-13 10:31:14

ok it looks like i have to give a 5 min presentation at a job interview.
I have a couple of weeks to prepare well, however ive never used powerpoint.
I know i need to keep it somple-maybe even 4 slides only.
However im not comfortable with the fact that im not experienced with PP.
I mean do i bring my own computer ?
Do i jusy bring a usn stick and hope it works-never used one of those either !
I read somewhere that the potential applicant e mailed her presentaion beforehand.
Maybe i should use a differrent visual aid.
Would be very grateful for any tips

LIZS Wed 17-Apr-13 10:35:17

What is the job role ? PP is very easy to use with a little practice. Keep it simple and to the point. If you are happier taking your own laptop then do , but they may prefer you to use theirs (which would be PAT tested) and bring a USB stick.

slug Wed 17-Apr-13 10:41:36

There are lots of tutorials online.

However, the best thing to remember is to keep it simple and use the presentation as an aid memoir rather than try and cram everything onto it.

onceipopicantstop Wed 17-Apr-13 10:51:03

The department should tell you what you need to bring. I would presume they will provide the computer and you will take a USB stick with you but if you're not sure I'd ring them.

Powerpoint is fairly straight forward to use. My tips would be
- keep the background design plain or very simple
- choose the font colour carefully - some colours such as red and yellow are very difficult to read from a distance
- don't bother with any fancy features such as sentences flying in from the side (you'll see what I mean when you've had a play with PP but in my opinion they are very distracting!)
- use a large font, with only 4-5 simple points on each slide - the slides should be an aid to your presentation only
- lots of practice presenting beforehand. Time yourself. Ideally you should be talking to your audience and not reading from the slides.

Good luck!

flowery Wed 17-Apr-13 12:25:34

Do you have to use it at all? Unless you have things that must be displayed visually to get them across - tables or graphs or whatnot, I'd not bother with PP to be honest unless they've specifically asked for it, especially for only 5 minutes. You want your audience fully engaged with you, not tempted to gaze at a screen.

Chottie Thu 18-Apr-13 21:43:25

Keep it simple, just headlines on the slides, fill in the details when you give the presentation.

Make sure you include your name on the first slide.

Bring your presentation on a USB stick. I would bring it on two separate USB sticks just in case there is a problem. Good luck

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