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what would you do?

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tinks27 Mon 15-Apr-13 12:17:06

Really could do with some advice/opinions on this one

currently I work full time, high pressured and not leaving time to see my dc and finding it very hard. offered something that is much more part time, lower pressure but trouble is it's not a permanent position more of a freelance role.

ordinarily I would just go for it as be better work life balance and still good enough pay for less days ( I have to work financially) but... we are currently ttc ( it's been a bumpy ride) and so is it stupid to jump ship now? my maternity is rubbish where I am so that is not an issue and present job could never be part time to go back to, so maybe now is a good time to leave? Do I be honest with new job? would you leave security of perm to take a risk with temporary even though it meant seeing more of your kids? Do I push them for a permanent position?


mydoorisalwaysopen Mon 15-Apr-13 13:16:26

As you are trying to conceive and finding it difficult I would go to the new position. Maybe the less stressed, more balanced life will be beneficial to conceiving. Also would sound out the possibility of the new position being as an employee perhaps with a range of hours - say 0-20 per week or whatever so the company doesn't feel tied into a certain cost to employ you. Even if you go freelance you should still get maternity allowance I believe.

It would be awful to go through a pregnancy in such a stressful situation as well.

I expect you are worried that the job would disappear when you left for maternity leave - As the hours are less you would probably be able to go back quite quickly without it being too much of a wrench and hopefully this would be acceptable to everyone.

How difficult would it be to get another job if the new situation came to an end?

tinks27 Mon 15-Apr-13 21:40:30

hi thanks so much for replying. You are right as think my biggest fear is not having job security as we do need the money I earn to keep coming in. I think it's a good idea as you said to agree contracted hours but know pretty much they wouldn't go for full perm but part time if that makes sense. Just don't want miss out on chance to see more of dc.
Think I do need to be straight from the start on this one as don't want it to be more stressful than I am currently at shock

tinks27 Mon 15-Apr-13 22:11:47

oh and sorry to answer your question .. would hope I could get another job but part time is very tricky

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