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What are the consequences of raising a grievance?

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TataClaire Sat 13-Apr-13 00:05:14

Im about to raise one at work even though Im leaving as the person Im raising one against cannot be allowed to do what they did to me to anyone else. I just found out that this person is currently suspended and obviously Im about to do this...I don't know what the grievance if supported can result in for the other person? A telling off , getting fired, a warning or does it totally depend on what the grievance is? Never raised one before so feel like Im stepping into the unknown!confused

MrsJackAubrey Sat 13-Apr-13 01:15:26

It depends on if there is evidence to support your complaint. Then on what it says in the company policy. Then on the severity of the behaviour. They will consider the impact on you, any detriment you suffered. Also what if anything is on their file to date.

So you claim eg sexual harassment which meant you didn't get eg a training opportunity, and he has already got a written warning for something ( anything) on his file he could be dismissed.

This is extremely unlikely as most people don't get dismissed for bullying or harassment unless it is vicious, intentional abuse of power and authority. Most grievances result if upheld, in a written warning ( and a lot of ongoing bad feeling on all sides).

Littleowlsquared Mon 15-Apr-13 03:22:10

It's not a nice position to be in but somebody else put you in this position and sometimes you just have to do something. You are doing it to stop others being affected. Grievances at work happen all the time.
I think you are doing the right thing and you are leaving anyway so don't worry about it.

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