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Anyone know how interviews are handled for a job share ?

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fakeblondie Wed 10-Apr-13 21:57:20

Im applying for a full time management post which although I have very little chance of getting I'm thinking oh well I'll stand no chance if I don't at least have a go !
I job shared a few years ago wih a college and it worked really well .
I asked her today if she would be interested in another job share and she's up for it .
How do we approach this ?
Do we approach as a joint unit and interview together if successfully short listed?
My concern is that she will get it and I won't and then I might lose out to her as I feel she is by far a better candidate.
Anyone got any experience on job share interview .
Last time we just both applied and got given the job share x

flowery Thu 11-Apr-13 09:51:57

I would suggest applying together, so you are presenting them with a job share solution, and you csn highlight the advantages of the two of you as a job share in your application.

Whether they interview you together or separately will depend on how they prefer to do it.

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