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rft Tue 09-Apr-13 20:00:50


I have found myself in a really tricky situation and wondered if you can help? My story is a little bit unusual...6 months ago, I went on a blind date and fell in love at first site... Prior to the date, I had been offered a promotion 300 miles away, I still had 2 months before I had to move house so thought why not? After just two dates, I realised Al was the person I wanted to be with.... After 2 weeks of dating, I had to choose whether to accept my promotion or not. Advice at the time was to take the job and if relationship was meant to be it would work. Our relationship has more than survived que distance, we speak every day and see each other as much as possible......

After 2 months apart, we knew something would have to change of we wanted a future together..... Luckily, the exact same job I had just taken came up in als city. I went to the interview and was offered the job on the spot.... We were ecstatic and have found a lovely house to move into. I am due to move back to al on 13th May and start my new job the following week...

3 weeks ago, I discovered I was pregnant with my first child... So totally Shocked as we had been careful for most of the time.... Knew we had some serious decisions to make. I went and had a pre assessment for an abortion and then took 10 days out with Al to go on holiday and discuss our options. We decided to keep the pregnancy....

Basically, when I start my new job i will be 15 weeks pregnant.... Luckily, I work for the Nhs and have done for 6 years without a break in service... I believe this means I qualify for Nhs contractual maternity pay plus maternity allowance?!?!

I need your advice as I am in complete shock... My emotions are completely all over the place. I am so scared but also overwhelmingly guilty for finding myself in this situAtion. I feel like I am an alien growing in my tummy and sway between terror and excitement. I am alone here for the next month until I can move in with Al...

Please advise xxxx

Misty9 Tue 09-Apr-13 20:33:21

Firstly, congratulations! That's amazing to have found someone you love, and to be pregnant with your first baby smile

Don't feel bad about your job - these things happen, and it'll still be there for you when you want to go back. Employers should expect this sort of occurrence. If you've got continuous nhs service then yes, you'll be fine with mat leave although the package depends on your trust's policy so check that as soon as you can. Not sure when you have to let new employer know by? You may well be starting to show by 15wks (I showed by 11 with my first!) so might be worth a conversation before any awkward looks?

Try not to worry, put your feet up and get ready for the ride of your life! smile
Congrats again

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