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Certificate in Social Media

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Nermalkins Sat 06-Apr-13 10:11:31

Hi, I'm hoping to change jobs.I would love to move into Social Media. I've got a tiny bit of experience but certainly not enough to make the jump.
Do you think studying for A certificate in Social Media would help ?

I don't have any marketing experience and I don't have a degree, though I'm working towards one at the moment.
Any feedback would be fab.

LIZS Sat 06-Apr-13 10:13:13

what is the degree in ? I'd have thought a more general marketing or IT qualification with a specific module in Social Media might be more useful.

Nermalkins Sat 06-Apr-13 10:18:18

It's the open degree with OU. So far I've concerntrated on languages but I'm looking at picking my next modules shortly.

PolkaDotCups Sat 06-Apr-13 19:17:43

I work in social media.

I'm not sure a certificate would help personally. When we recruit to junior social media roles we look for good English and a good personal social media profile.

Build up your own profile on Twitter and connect with other social media professionals. See if you can write some guest blog posts on agency blogs - tips, case studies etc. Do lots of reading! On your twitter be active about retweeting blog posts all about social media usage. Build up your LinkedIn profile and join lots of digital marketing groups etc.

Main ones to read up on is how brands use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus, YouTube.

MmeLindor Sat 06-Apr-13 22:06:47

I agree with Polka.

Many of the SM professionals I know haven't studied it, they have learned by doing, and using it.

If you are really interested in the course, go for it. Otherwise just start using it, and as Polka said, build up your profile.

GrendelsMum Sun 07-Apr-13 18:24:09

Well, if it's an option in your modules, and you're interested in it, then why not?

I've very much learned by doing, but I suspect that some people would be keen to see a formal qualification on a CV, as well as the good English and good personal use of social media that Polka suggests.

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