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Anyone drop a management role to go part time

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Bluberry Thu 04-Apr-13 05:10:48

I've always been career minded...until I had dd.

I've told my work I will be returning full time and I meant every word until recently. I've he's blood sweat and tears for my job but I just can't imagine giving the same when I go back. I think I'll regret not spending time with my daughter.

I'm going to chat to my boss about going 4 days or even 3 days under my current role in management but I'm fully prepared for this to be rejected.

Has anyone else put their career on ice and managed to build it back up when their children have grown up?

Yardley Fri 05-Apr-13 19:24:25

I did.Ive loved spending the extra time with the DD's, (but had to go from a very senior job to a very junior one to do it-due not only to job but to commute, lack of jobs where I actually live etc etc).That said the junior job has driven me up the wall with boredom so back to full time work I go in a few weeks....Looking forward to it but feel crushingly guilty about choosing this over being there to pick the DD's up daily going to see which wins out, job satisfaction or guilt about not being at home.Feel like I actually cant win either way!

threepiecesuite Fri 05-Apr-13 19:26:40

I'm a teacher. I went from full time with a TLR for a pastoral/whole-school role to p/t 3 days a week. The Head wouldn't let me carry on with the TLR role.
I've been back from mat leave 2 years. The positives are it's been the absolute best thing for my family, our lives and my work-life balance. I've enjoyed seeing my DD grow up and don't regret anything in that respect.
The negatives are we are pretty skint, can meet all bills but not much left for extras or treats. Also, I've been forgotten about in school, given the crappy classes and no classroom (floating), overlooked for any responsibility. But in all honesty, I'm not that bothered. I strongly feel I've done the right thing for my family and me.

Blankiefan Fri 05-Apr-13 19:26:43

If you're thinking of a job share, it could be useful to prose some potential people within the organisation who might flex up the other 2 days per week... They might not be the end candidates, but it could help your manager to view solutions.

I manage a small team and returned part time 0.6. When proposing this to my manager I suggested using my salary savings to recruit another team member on a lower grade (again at 0.6), to take on some of my non managerial areas of work, and to pursue defined new areas. I went to my manager with the roles and responsibilities clearly mapped out, and the opportunity of being able to expand our business in another direction convinced her.

It's been working really well for 3 years. I think I have an enlightened employer though.

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