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Linzi01 Tue 02-Apr-13 13:27:44

Hi Everyone - Just a quick question - i gave my employer my mat b1 cert a week or so ago and they have now given it me back saying they dont need it, they just needed to see it? is this right - and if so what should i do with it now, I was under the impression they had it and kept it?
They have also asked for my date when I will return to work (im currently 24 weeks) I have openly discussed and told them that I will be taking 6 months - but just a bit warey about putting it in writing so soon as dont want to shoot myself in the foot if I change my mind and want more time off?!

flowery Tue 02-Apr-13 14:33:21

Just hold on to your MATB1. You probably won't need it for anything else, but hang on to it anyway. I imagine your employer has taken a copy.

In terms of returning, you are not committing yourself if you do put it in writing now - you can always change your mind later, as long as you give 8 weeks' notice in writing. So if you're fairly sure and it would help your employers, you could consider putting it in writing that you currently plan to take 6 months off, however will obviously advise them in writing should your plans change.

Or, if you're worried, you could just say you are unable to confirm at this point and they should proceed as though you are taking the full year off, and you will provide the appropriate notice in writing should you decide to return earlier.

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