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Case Management discussion need help

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Mariachida Thu 28-Mar-13 15:17:53

Dear All

I would need some help as i have to complete the CMD agenda, and I amot sure how and what to answer
I already completed the ET1 form (unfair dismissal, discrimination and other )

the document I need to complete is a bit complex for me
Do I think they should be treated ( unfair dismissal, discrimination etc) together or separately? don t have clue??
When the ask about issues? do I need to write again "unfair dismissal" exclusion, stressed caused by my work situation??
do I need to estimate "the remedy"? what does it mean ( I am a foreigner)?
Do I need to complete schedule of loss"?? give an idea of the value of claim? e.g 6 o12 months salary
In the ET1 I put fact in chronologic order, it was a summary, do I need to give more details within the the hearings bundle? In the ET1 I have mentionned a number of documents ( grievance, report from the doctor on my health problem etc). Do I need to send them? Or just to refer to them
i also mentionned my reports ( 3 reports I had to write over 100 pages, quite technical) Do i send them? I also mentionned in the ET1 that HR was not taking note fairly or rightly, that i have asked for correction and she refused.
Do I need to send these emails and documents as a proof? at the end i have hundreds of pages which i think the judge won t read.

my former employer has already requested to reschedule this CMD.

i might have some time to prepare is a phone CMD

thank you


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