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Apprenticeships !! should my daughter do an Apprenticeship

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1confusedmum Tue 26-Mar-13 13:57:42

Does anyone have any advice regarding whether my daughter should do an Apprenticeship - she is currently undertaking her AS levels - a fairly bright girl would oike to become a teacher - does anyone have any advice

flowery Tue 26-Mar-13 14:04:32

If she wants to be a teacher then an apprenticeship probably isn't the way to go is it? She needs to go to university and then do a PGCE doesn't she?

LIZS Tue 26-Mar-13 14:07:31

or do Teacher Training . Options here

1confusedmum Tue 26-Mar-13 14:17:31

Thanks for the advice - I have heard that the government have supported the creation of Higher Apprenticeships and was unsure whether this was a way she could get into teaching withput going to university

sundaymondaytuesday Tue 26-Mar-13 14:29:51

The higher level apprenticeship schemes are for those with A levels or A level equivalent qualifications. They don't offer apprenticeships in primary teaching, you can do an apprenticeship in nursery nursing if that is of any interest to your dd.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 26-Mar-13 18:48:12

You need to investigate the apprenticeship offered their may be penalties such as paying back college fees if leaving before a certain date. The minimum wage for apprentices is criminally low. I say this as someone who has offered apprenticeships, but could never bring myself to them that little.

mum2chalkandcheese Thu 11-Apr-13 23:01:12

I would really recommend apprenticeships but only if it suits a person's long-term career goals (I know that can be difficult to predict at such a young age). I did an apprenticeship at the age of 16 and now, 17 years later still feel I'm where I am due to that experience. I did go on to do a degree but whilst still getting the work experience.

I currently work with undergraduate students and see so many who have very little commercial experience, understanding of the working world, communication skills or common sense and an apprenticeship would sort that out.

If your daughter is very serious about teaching then perhaps a degree is the best way forward but it's worth checking out other options that may be cheaper and give her a more rounded experience. From current knowledge, employers want young people with experience so if your daughter can set herself up with this experience coupled with more education it's the perfect arrangement.

ratbagcatbag Thu 11-Apr-13 23:03:17

Agree with everything mum2 said, I did an apprenticeship in engineering, have moved through the big company and 14 years on, love my role and it pays very well too smile

Xenia Fri 12-Apr-13 12:53:24

If she wants to be the best teacher she can the best route probably remains to get a very good set of A level grades and then a degree from the best university which will have her in her subject and then her PGCE etc.

If she does not want to teach then apprenticeships may be another route.

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