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Job interview with one company, about to start maternity leave with another

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mamabrownbear Mon 25-Mar-13 14:00:22

I'm looking for some legal advice, I wonder if anyone has been in this situation before. I currently with one company and am about to start my maternity leave with them. I also have a job interview with another company who know I am pregnant and that I'm about to start maternity leave but have said that if I was the right candidate for the job then I could start the post after my maternity leave and they would arrange cover until then.

My question is, can I legally accept a job with one company and take maternity leave with another i.e if I got offered this new job tomorrow with a start date in 6 months time and told my current employers that I had a new job due to start in 6 months but they still had to pay my maternity until then - is that all above board? Obviously I would still need to excel at the interview and may not be offered the post but it seems an unusual situation and wouldn't want to be left with no SMP for 6 months!! Thoughts?

flowery Mon 25-Mar-13 14:23:59

Just hand in your notice as usual, so if you are on a month's notice and want to start your new job in 6 months time, hand in your notice in 5 months time.

Your current employer will still have to pay your SMP regardless, even if you leave employment during that time, but the easiest way (and the way that leaves you the most options - a lot can change in 6 months), is to just hand in your notice as normal.

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