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Job interview this afternoon...

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Tommychoochoo Mon 25-Mar-13 10:09:25

I have a job interview this afternoonconfused.

I have worked in the same industry for 14 years and am currently the department manager on a very good salary. We have 3ds and I want to spend more time a home with them. Discussed with dh and with a couple of cutback we can afford it. So the interview is in the same industry (different company) working 3 days in an admin dept. This is a step down but can't do my current job part time.

I guess they are going to ask me why I'm going from manager to admin assistant.Is it ok to say in an interview because I want to spend more time at home with 3dc??

lljkk Mon 25-Mar-13 10:42:20

Why not?
Put some spin on it "I want a better work life balance, I give so much to my work I tend to overdo it if I'm allowed a full time job."

CheshireSplat Sat 30-Mar-13 10:09:09

Local authority lawyers

Hi. I am currently in private practice, 6 years PQE. I have seen an interesting role for a city council doing projects, procurement, contracts, regeneration. All things I really enjoy.

Do any of you work for local authorities as solicitors? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? And putting it very bluntly (if I didn't like it) what are your chances of working in other in-house roles in the future, e.g. for limited companies/p.l.c.s?


CheshireSplat Sat 30-Mar-13 10:11:08

Sorry ! Didn't mean to gate crash your thread, tried and failed to post a new topic! Sorry! CS.

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