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Degree finished, surprise pregnancy, meant to be doing a PGCE

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MajaBiene Sat 23-Mar-13 15:43:38

I would also just do whatever you were planning to between now and September, just don't tell anyone you are pregnant until you have to (25 weeks iirc). You will be able to claim Maternity Allowance if you have been working during the pregnancy.

flowery Sat 23-Mar-13 15:37:33

I can't see that those options are no longer doable due to pregnancy tbh? Certainly no less doable than any other job. Presumably you were not going to be looking for permanent work anyway due to plans to study from September, so really it's just the same, surely?

Sorry, I'm perhaps missing the point but I'm struggling to see how your work situation is any different from how you expected it to be?

Degreedonenowwhat Sat 23-Mar-13 12:30:11

Hi thanks for getting back to me.
I currently earn £135 p.w from nannying during the school terms. I was planning to carry this on and look for some consistent morning work in an educational setting or another nannying job. I'm not sure how I will be greeted by new employees due to my pregnancy. Dp's salary is around £27,000 p.a (i think) with plenty of overtime potential.

Rockchick1984 Fri 22-Mar-13 14:26:58

How much does your DP earn? Are you currently working alongside studying?

littlelyon Fri 22-Mar-13 13:09:23

there are tax credits which if your partner has a lower income will help look on the gov website and it will tell you what your entitled to. otherwise you could try an agency and do temp work and save. i dont know with the employment market like it is you will get a contracted job because you are pregnant. congratulations though and good luck. just remember it will only be short term financial pain in the grand scheme of things

flowery Fri 22-Mar-13 13:06:40

What were you planning to do between now and September for work? Can't you still do whatever it was?

degreedonenowwhat Fri 22-Mar-13 10:10:55

Hi all,

I'm well and truly in need of some advice. I am 8 weeks pregnant with a surprise (but very wanted) pregnancy. I have literally just finished a degree and have managed to secure a place on PGCE, to become a primary school teacher this would start in September when I will be 8.5 months pregnant. Clearly I will be incapable of doing the PGCE this year, well at least as a full time course. I am not overly concerned with regards to this as my University is generally compassionate and I will be meeting with them after my 12 week scan to discuss options.

My issue however, is what to do for work before I give birth, dp's income although pretty good cannot support us throughout my pregnancy as well as after the baby is born. Is there any support for someone like myself or any suitable jobs during pregnancy? Can anyone give me advice regarding who to contact regarding this? I do after school nannying but this is not sufficient.

I think I'm slightly restricted as I am still in receipt of student loans (albeit a small amount).
- what a mess!
Thanks in advance

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