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law and accountancy posters - mumsnetters campaign?

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vcleese Thu 21-Mar-13 21:58:50

I thought mumsnetters may want to stick up law and accountancy posters - for people who want a new start.

Law and accountancy are pretty open access - there could be posters in churches, community halls, halls of residences...

Law is probably the most prestigious... I think the University Of London offers law as a distance learning course as well as the OU. There may be others. Accountancy, there are a number of awarding institutes - icaew/ica, icas, acca, aat. cima, cipfa, aia - not sure of the relative merits or virtues of these and their various different courses...

Maybe other mumsnetters would know better.

RocknRollNerd Sat 23-Mar-13 12:24:27

In the nicest possible way, you need to think this through. For starters a throw away comment like 'law is probably the most prestigous' isn't going to win you much support amongst accountants. Prestige also doesn't guarantee a job...

For accountancy there are courses that you can do as self-study (at personal expense) for others such as the ACA (awarded by the ICAEW) you need a sponsoring firm (ie a training contract). Whilst it might seem a nice idea that people could be trained up and walk into a job accountancy isn't like that at the moment. Lots of redundancies across many business sectors (not just in banking) and a great many experienced accountants aged over 40 facing months if not years of unemployment.

I don't see how sticking up a bunch of 'fancy a new start? become a lawyer or an accountant...' posters would actually help much - sorry.

Seabright Sun 31-Mar-13 13:46:16

I wouldn't encourage anyone to go into law. Am a lawyer myself and it's generally not a)interesting b)as financially rewarding as everyone thinks c)full of job satisfaction.

It's repetative, full of clients who are at a difficult point in their lives, administrativly (sp) overwhelming. It's also very, very expensive to train for and there are very few training contracts around.

It's not like it looks in TV dramas.

Gigondas Sun 31-Mar-13 13:52:11

Didnt you start another thread on this -- and were handed your arse on a plate-- where lots of posters highlighted some of the problems mentioned here and more?

I don't think this is a good idea.

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