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Trivial and silly questions about non trivial and important job application!!

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chairfrog Tue 19-Mar-13 14:23:26

I am sure this is bread and butter to some of you so hoping you can help with these. I really want this job and have a good feel for it (have already met employer) so am probably overthinking a little... but I do want to get this right and I'm not sure what the deal is with application forms (been out of the market for a long time)

So my questions:
In the education section , how far back does one go? On my CV I only mention my degree as (as someone pointed out to me) I needed previous qualifications to get there. This form asks for details of schools/colleges/unis.

In the qualification bit, adding A levels is not a bad thing in this case as it adds an important aspect, but do I have to admit to the age-defining O levels?
Aside from which, am I really expected to put the examination boards from the dim and distant past?

On a similar note, when going through the person spec and thinking of examples to demonstrate each point (I've been doing my reading!), how far back is it reasonable to reach? I ask mainly because I have been with the same company for ages, so anything I did elsewhere is in ancient times, does that matter? To ring the changes if this is not acceptable I do have examples from voluntary work/school committees etc - would that be better?

Oh and crikey - hobbies and interests. Any guidelines on types that look best? The truth is: reading (anything and everything, but will select), tennis, walking and travel. It's not setting my world alight to read that and is stretching the truth at that given the time available. How can I dress this up? Don't need extensive list, it's only 3 lines, so maybe this is where I am overthinking...

Thoughts welcome please!

AndMiffyWentToSleep Wed 20-Mar-13 06:46:40

I would fill in education as they ask. They'd probably guess you're not in your 20s and if they've already met you, they'll have a vague idea of your age!
I'd try to give examples that were more recent in case they thought I'd not got a recent example. I wouldn't worry about the hobbies - just put what you said here.
Good luck!

chairfrog Wed 20-Mar-13 10:37:36

Thanks for your reply - all so obvious but I had scared myself into not seeing it! And being vain because I would like to pass off as late thirties - thanks for making me see sense there. Right, I will get to it!

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