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F-T post offered: very anxious about it

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flowery Tue 19-Mar-13 09:15:48

Can't see much of a reason to take it myself. If the salary would be lower and you'd have to give up your other job would the financial aspect really be that much better?

RoseWei Mon 18-Mar-13 22:20:33

Help! Just been offered a f-t post at the University I presently work at part-time. (Haven't worked f-t for many years - not since oldest was quite small.)

I would start on a significantly lower salary that I'm on now. I would, of course, be paid all year round at opposed to now when I'm only paid for the classes I teach and not, in fact, for the whole year. But I'd start on a lower scale - it is a slightly different job. I didn't pick up when I had the call about the job from an admin officer that there was any scope for negotiation as colleagues doing similar work all started at that point.

When I applied, I honestly thought that I'd start at the point where I am now or at least close behind.

I have another job which means that I also work pretty much every evening until late but I think I'd have to give most of that up as I'd be hard at it all day ..

DH's job is low paid and insecure so of course I feel under a lot of pressure to take up this offer. Not from him but from myself. We've been living hand to mouth for so long and though this isn't a big salary at all, it would afford some security for a while.

If I speak to HR, if I ask more questions, I guess I'd be seen as a bit of a bother even before I start.

The other thing is that this isn't really want I want to do - I want a change of career but I'd need to study and qualify first. It's just that I feel duty bound to take the job - mortgage, family, the obvious reasons. I'd do my very best in the post for sure but I think I'd be looking to leave after a year, having got an additional qualification (clearly through part time study), and get into an area that I've been hankering after for a number of years. Before it's too late! Does that sound like an awful attitude - before I've even started?

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