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GAHHHHHHHHHHH! Psychometric test - please help!!!!

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pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 14:58:20

Oh Sweet Jesus, what fresh Hell is this???? Done most of the questions (naturally quelling the nutter inside....) but these ones are beyond me

'Tired' is to 'work' as 'proud' is to
a) smile
b) success
c) happy

'Surprise' is to 'strange as 'fear' is to
a. brave
b. anxious
c. terrible

'size' is to 'length' as 'dishonest' is to
a. prison
b. sin
c. stealing

'soon' is to 'never' as 'near' is to
a. nowhere
b. far
c. away

I know there are no 'right' answers but crikey after 180 questions I have no idea!

Please help you clever lot

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:03:59

What I think is

tired is to work as proud is to success

surprise is to strange as fear is to terrible

size is to length as dishonest is to stealing

soon is to never as near is to nowhere

gahhhhh! doing my blinking head in!!!!!!!

MaryBS Fri 15-Mar-13 15:04:34

I would say
b) success
b) anxious
c) stealing
a) nowhere

MaryBS Fri 15-Mar-13 15:05:25

Actually, change that answer, fear is to terrible not anxious

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:06:09

ah Mary you might be right - thank you

How can they say there is no right answer. I am questioning myself with each answer making sure it is not the 'nutter answer'.................

BeckAndCall Fri 15-Mar-13 15:07:24

I'm with pansy on all four - had to think hard though...

RooneyMara Fri 15-Mar-13 15:07:41

same here

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:07:42

I understand they even do these tests for shop jobs in Tesco!!!! ffs i think working there would send me nutty anyway

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:08:44

on h and another was flame is to heat as rose is to

red petals

i said scent!

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:10:59

Are these not like lateral thinking questions bangs head on table trying to extract lateral thinking part

slambang Fri 15-Mar-13 15:13:53

Agree with Pansy too. They are the logical connections.

But am a bit suspicious that the tired/ work link is actually to find out if you are a lazy slacker who associates working with exhaustion so therefore a Wrong Answer. confused

notime2dance Fri 15-Mar-13 15:15:17

Had to think twice, but think they could be

'Tired' is to 'work' as 'proud' is to 'success'
'Surprise' is to 'strange' as 'fear' is to 'anxious'
'Size is to 'length' as 'dishonest is to 'stealing'
'Soon' is to 'never' as near is to 'far'

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:15:21

Exactly slambang exactly.......

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:16:56

My fave question is

I could enjoy the life of an animal doctor handling disease and the surgery of animals

in between

is this the psychopath question or what???????????

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:18:26

Another classic is

I would rather have a house

in a sociable suburb
in between
alone in the deep woods!!!!!!!!!

pansyflimflam Fri 15-Mar-13 15:25:24

I would just like to say to all the vets out there. I do not think you are

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