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Redundancy while on maternity leave

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bunchofposy Sat 16-Mar-13 17:32:14

Sorry to hear that. I am also due to be made redundant during/after my forthcoming maternity leave so sympathise.

As far as I understand you have to be actually on maternity leave when you are made redundant (as opposed to informed) for them to have to offer you another post. This is what I assumed anyway, as I was in a similar position after my last maternity leave (I haven't had much luck with redundancy and maternity!) and another job wasn't mentioned - I eventually just found another job.

I am not an expert tho, so hopefully one will come along and confirm either way.

tinky282 Thu 14-Mar-13 21:42:16

I'm on maternity leave until Sept 2013 and have been advised I have been selected for redundancy which will take effect in Dec 2013. I was chosen from a group of 4 using a skills matrix which was weighted negatively for me, as I have the most experience within the group. A new computer system means our jobs are amalgamating and effectively creating 3 new roles but taking away our 4 current job roles. My question is, should I have automatically been offered one of the 'new roles' if I was suitable for it under the 'protected characteristics' of being made redundant whilst on maternity leave or does the fact that it doesn't take effect until December mean the maternity laws do not apply.

Thank you to anyone who can offer a legal point of view.

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