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Adult Education Tutor: being passed by

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RoseWei Tue 12-Mar-13 22:22:39

I teach part time for an adult education service. I've worked for a number of years and given loyal and I think quite good service to this organisation.

I'm rather clearly being overlooked for some courses - for example, although I have experience of teaching a particular kind of course and am doing so at present (though it finishes in a couple of weeks), a new opportunity, doing the same kind of work, has just arisen and an email has gone to a few tutors in case they're interested but it hasn't been sent to me. (A colleague told me about it.) This has been happening for some time - I've asked questions in the past but been fobbed off/ignored.

There's a very small pool of tutors for these posts and in practice no competition for them so I'm very surprised I'm out of the loop. A newish administrator seems to have de facto responsibility for recruitment to these courses, and setting up the courses, and though I've been pretty helpful to her in the past, she's totally sidelining me - I don't get a chance to go after new teaching opportunities.

These opportunities aren't advertised widely - OK but I can't understand why the small pool that's in the know excludes me. I hesitate to use the word but I think it boils down to something about discrimination and this time I really don't want to take it lying down.

Should I go straight to the CEO - or perhaps my manager first? The latter is feeling really stressed right now - was off ill for a long time - and her likely reaction is totally unpredictable. I feel so down about this and it's an odd thing as this organisation prides itself on its anti-discrimination practices, opportunities for all etc. Thanks for any supportive words/suggestions.

pippop1 Wed 13-Mar-13 18:25:26

Could you email your manager, so there's a record, and ask (innocently) if they could enquire as to why you aren't being included in emails to teachers who might be interested in these opportunities?

If you don't get a satisfactory answer then I guess it might be time to ask for an appointment with the CEO.

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